Why you need a Print Management Solution ?

Why you need a Print Management Solution ?

Print Management Solution

Print management solution provides a central administration point for sharing printers & multifunction printers (MFPs) on a network & managing print tasks. It also addresses various output management options, including print management solutions and software.

Print management solutions are designed to help businesses take full control of their print environment. They help reduce costs & encourage responsible printing behaviors while protecting unauthorized document access.

With features that include queuing, print tracking, print release, usage report, etc. print management solution helps businesses take full control of how, where and what is being printed reducing or streamlining maintenance.

It’s important to note that print management solutions are wildly diverse, as they offer different arrays of features addressing various print requirements.

Even though there is no “one size fits all.” given various business needs, there are still basic characteristics one must watch out for while selecting or shopping for a good print management solution.

It’s important to highlight that understanding which print management services you need and why you need them are the first step to choosing a print management solution.

However, if you don’t know much about print management solution, here are 8 characteristics that can help you make the right choice:

1. Reduces costs

A good Print management software allows you to identify processes that are not developed correctly within your organization. This reduces the number of prints and consequently the costs on paper, toner, and ink, among others.

2. Helps accounting departments

A good Print management solution records who does what, when, where, and how. This way you can identify unnecessary expenses and therefore solve these problems. Papers, documents, and printers can lead to constant investments of money and it is sometimes difficult to determine where in the process overuse occurs.

3. Friendly to the environment

As specified in the first point, good print management software will reduce the amount of paper used in an organization. That is why implementing such a program is also an aid to caring for the environment. The better you manage your consumption of these products, the lower your carbon footprint will be.

4. Enhances document security

If you work with confidential information, having a good Print Control Solution can prevent anyone from having access to it. An example of this is that important files can only be printed by the person who created them, which is verified through an identification process. Access to these documents may also be controlled through passwords or other methods.

5. Facilitates employee tasks

By making workflows more efficient, a good Print Management Solution will prevent employees from wasting time. The implementation of this solution will optimize certain processes, such as print queue, double-sided or economic copying, this will allow workers to dedicate more time to their functions and less to solving this type of task.

6. Adapts to any type of Organization

A good Print Management solution can be implemented across industry verticals irrespective of the type of organization and how they function. The print solution should be able to adapt to both an SME environment, Multinational, Educational sector or in a Marketing agency. It should accommodate different company employee sizes and all forms of organizational hierarchy.

7. Optimize device Usage

A better Print Management software also helps to reduce device maintenance costs. An example is that it will prevent a personal color laser printer from being responsible for generating 1,000 black and white documents. This will reduce maintenance costs and allow more time for you to purchase new machines. Being optimized they will also work better and be more reliable.

8. Coordinate the entire device network

This feature is essential in large companies where, in addition to printers, there are also photocopiers. A good Print Management Solution allows all teams to be managed and used effectively together across large networks.

Those are 8 characteristics of a good Print Management Solution that we believe will help you in your decision-making when shopping for good Print Management Software.

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