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Buy most reliable and convenient passport scanners and ID card readers from ID Vision Dubai. Thales Gemalto produces one of the best-selling document readers and probably the most familiar sight at border control desks around the world.

Are you looking for Thales Document Readers?

Thales Document Readers are designed to meet the increasing demands for secure and efficient identity verification. With a legacy of innovation and reliability, Gemalto has become a trusted name in the field. These passport readers offer advanced features, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including border control, immigration, and document authentication.

Gemalto Document Readers find applications in numerous sectors:

  • Border Control: Enhancing border security by accurately verifying traveler identities and detecting fraudulent documents.
  • Immigration: Streamlining immigration processes by expediting document checks and reducing bottlenecks.
  • Financial Institutions: Enabling secure customer onboarding and KYC (Know Your Customer) processes.
  • Law Enforcement: Assisting law enforcement agencies in identity verification during investigations.

Thales offers a range of document reader solutions that meet the demands of Travel, Border and Identity Management applications, enabling document verification and identity authentication in a simple and efficient manner. Gemalto document readers are capable of reading:

    • Passports and other travel documents
    • Drivers licenses
    • IDs and eIDs

Gemalto Document / Passport readers, scanners are accurate, true-color images, with patent-pending Anti document laminate reflections or ambient light interference. ID Vision is the most trusted supplier of complete range of passport scanners in Dubai. Contact our UAE office today and get assured discount.

As Dubai continues to thrive as a global hub for tourism, business, and innovation, border security remains paramount. Authorized suppliers, we offer the Thales passport scanner, a revolutionary solution designed to enhance security, expedite passenger flow, and optimize operations at airports, immigration checkpoints, and other sensitive facilities.

ID & Passport authentication solutions

Gemalto document reading products are working in these environments:

  • Border control: Travel document verification and authentication at kiosks and electronic gates ​
  • Financial: ID verification for new account enrollment for banks and for check cashing
  • Retail: ID fraud and financial loss prevention for mobile phone stores and car rental agencies
  • Hospitality: Hotel guest ID data extraction such as age verification & vendors and employees vetting​

High quality document readers and ID verification solutions

The role of identity verification is crucial in protecting States, organisations and citizens. Also, with such a vast number of transactions, speed is a challenge for parties and other users.

To meet these challenges, Thales offers a range of identification, verification and authentication solutions, such as document readers, that help prevent document and identity fraud.

With its intelligent “i” series versions, Thales Gemalto intelligent document readers process the data in the cloud and virtual computing environments; meaning you can quickly and simply connect the document reader to your network, tablets, phones or/and enterprise SaaS applications.

The intuitive design of the document readers has been proven to dramatically improve first time read rates, especially for infrequent users. This leads to less frustration, shorter queues and a positive impact on the reputation of your organisation by providing users with a unique, enjoyable and memorable experience.

Our wide array of document readers provides solutions that meet the changing and growing security demands of companies and organisations.




Capture all relevant data in a few seconds. Reduce check-in time and increase the traffic flow. We are one of leading suppliers of passport scanners in Dubai, UAE.


Reduce the chance of human error! Precise OCR and the integrated Address Validation Engine (AVE©) guarantee accurate client profiles.


Choose security helding all the info captured in an encrypted database. Configure any purging or data visibility according to internal or external compliance rules.

Thales, foremerly 3M Passport Scanner is designed for easy one-hand operation with data automatically read and processed in a single-step operation. It features full double-page capture in visible, infra-red (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) light  photo face image at 700 dpi.


Know Your Customer

Fast, efficient and accurate document authentication combined with video-based facial recognition & many more advanced features .


Government Solutions

Document reader solutions for border management, immigration, customs, law enforcement, and other government agencies and public security.


Self-Service Solutions

A wide range of high performance identity document readers designed to be easily integrated into self-service kiosk and gates.


Transportation Solutions

Read & Authenticate a variety of government-issued identity documents & boarding passes, improving the travel experience.

Thales Gemalto Document/ Passport Readers are at the forefront of identity verification technology, offering advanced features and benefits that cater to the needs of various industries. By investing in Gemalto’s solutions, organizations can enhance security, improve efficiency, and stay compliant with regulations, making them an essential tool in today’s security-conscious world.

Whether it’s safeguarding borders, facilitating international travel, or ensuring secure financial transactions, Gemalto’s passport readers play a pivotal role in maintaining security and trust in a rapidly evolving world. Explore Gemalto Document Passport Readers today to take your identity verification processes to the next level.

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