ANVIZ Time Attendance & Access Control Devices


Anviz is a pioneer in the intelligent security business, pioneering biometrics, RFID, and surveillance around the world. Anviz products are widely used and trusted by businesses in a variety of industries around the world.

We offer biometric and RFID devices for Time & Attendance and Access Control, with some devices able to do both. In the Middle East and Africa, IDVision provides Time Attendance Systems. For best pricing on ANVIZ Time Attendance and Access Control System contact IDVision. Our expert team will assist you according to your requirement.

C2 Pro Fingerprint & Card Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal
W1 Pro Time Attendance Device
W2 Pro
m5 plus fingerprint 1
UltraMatch S2000
Deepface 5
Deepface 5 IRT
FaceDeep 3
FaceDeep 3 IRT

Anviz has various types of word-class Access control terminals. Be it, Smart Face Recognition and Infared Thermal Temperature Detection Terminals, AI Based Smart Face Recognition and RFID Terminals, GreenPass QR Code Scanning Solution to Verify EU Digital COVID Certificates, Portable Fingerprint and RFID Time & Attendance Terminals or Touchless Smart Face Recognition Systems, Outdoor Standalone Access Control Terminal.

We distribute complete list of Bometric devices which are the requirement of modern day challenges like COVID 19 where temperature detection became a new normal.

Anviz has been committed to developing generations of breakthrough security products and solutions leveraging the world’s most advanced Internet technology, information acquisition technology, network communication technology, and data encryption technologies since its inception. Id Vision is the trusted supplier of Anviz Time attendance and Access control devices in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Africa.