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Affordable, heavy duty automatic hydraulic bollards. Bollards are important to regulate traffic and manage parking facilities for vehicles of all types. Buy from leading suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

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Affordable Bollard Protection for your Business

Security bollards provide a physical as well as a visual barrier. Storefront collisions and other vehicle damage can be avoided with the use of automatic bollards. You can’t afford not to defend your business with our low-cost heavy-duty bollards.

Bollards Protect Your Business From: Theft by Vehicle Ram-Raids, Accidental Driver Errors & Accidents, Building & Equipment Damage, Employee & Customer Injuries, Liability Claims, Insurance Fees & Loss of Business.

FAAC traffic bollards enable the flow of vehicles to be managed, protecting historical or quiet areas of our cities.

In this instance, too, aesthetic concerns have not been forgotten. Indeed, FAAC also offers various retractable models do not impinge on the surrounding environments, and do not necessitate free movement areas: these bollards can simply be lowered to enable vehicles to circulate freely.


Featured Products

J200 HA Retractable access control bollard

Retractable access control bollard

The FAAC J200 HA automatic retractable hydraulic bollard is ideal for regulating vehicular traffic in residential areas while also providing intelligent monitoring and a stylish appearance. It can be controlled either manually or automatically by authorized persons.

  • Easy to ship, stock and install thanks to the low weight of the product.
  • Streamlined product, it can be configured by selecting the desired installation accessories.
  • Easy maintenance (can be performed by a single person)
  • Simplified placement thanks to the self-supporting structure which does not require a pit.

J355 F M50 Fixed security bollard

Fixed security bollard

The FAAC J355 F M50 bollard is designed and tested to protect sensitive areas such as airports, embassies, consulates, banks, ports, etc.

The Fixed FAAC J355 F M50 Bollard has been virtually tested according to ASTM F 2656-07.

Classification M50 indicates in fact that the bollard FAAC J355 F is able to stop a 6,800 kg lorry travelling at 80Km/h (=50M/h).

  • Tested according to the American standard ASTM F 2656-07.
  • Shallow Mounted product: very low excavation depth needed.
  • Total aesthetic consistency with other retractable bollards (HA); perfect for mixed installations.

J275 F Fixed traffic bollard

The Fixed FAAC J275 traffic bollard does not require invasive installation work, nor electrical wiring.

As a result, it’s ideal for permanent installations that need to seal off pedestrian zones, as well as mixed installations with other automated or semi-automatic bollards.

  • Power supply and wiring not requested
  • Simple laying and limited excavation
  • Guarantees aesthetic coherency in multiple installations together with retractable bollards.

What is a Bollard barriers?

Bollards barriers help to separate individual regions and guide mobility while also providing security. Marshalls’ security bollards, car park barriers, and other products can give safety and restriction to public spaces without detracting from the landscape’s attractiveness.

Bollards are appropriate for situations where aesthetics and public impression are important, but a high level of security is also necessary. Shopping malls, stadiums, airports, sporting arenas, public spaces, and city centers are all places where impact-rated static and automated bollards could be useful. Located in Dubai, UAE? only look for genuine suppliers, bollards designed to provide a high level of security.

Why Hydraulic Bollards?

Hydraulic rising bollards are designed for high-security vehicle entrances, army, industrial, governmental, and commercial structures, as well as roadways that are restricted to vehicular traffic at specific times of the day.

The driving unit is hydraulic, but in the event of a power outage, the bollard can be manually lowered or lifted using manual hand pumps. Every type of card reader, biometric readers such as fingerprint or hand shape, radio control, on/off key switch, and other devices can perform the raise/lower function with the help of PLC controlled electronics.

We supply quality bollard system line in Dubai and all UAE, which is available in a wide range of materials, styles, and fitting types, gives you an unrivaled selection to suit practically any application.

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