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Thermal Paper RollThermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is infused with heat-sensitive chemicals. Added along with these chemicals is a special dye. When thermal paper is exposed to heat, for example in a thermal printer, there is a change in color of the paper because of the heat


ATM Paper Roll

ATM paper rolls are a type of thermal paper rolls that are used as receipts in ATM transactions. When you make a transaction over an ATM such as a withdrawal, you get a receipt from the machine. This receipt has the amount of money you have withdrawn printed on it.


Bond Paper Roll

Bond receipt paper rolls are used in impact printers that utilize ink ribbons. They are mostly used for letterheads, stationery, business forms, cash registers, etc. Bond paper rolls are made to perform equally well for  pen/pencil, offset printing, engraving, laser printing and inkjet printing.


Carbonless Paper Roll

Creating duplicate copies or images of documents or any form of writing is the primary purpose of carbonless paper systems. The top page will be a CB type paper, while the bottom page will be a CF type. Pages in between will be CFB paper.


Custom Printed Paper Roll

Increase your profitability from each point of sale transaction with a custom printed paper roll. It can promote your brand, explain your return policy, boost name recognition, announce specials, prevent receipt fraud, incentives for repeat business, survey customers.


Perforated Carbonless Paper Sheet

Made from virgin pulp NCR (non-carbon ) paper, used for dot matrix machines with ink ribbon. Widely used for banks, hotels, offices, etc requiring receipts. Superb quality: bright appearance, smooth and comfortable feel.

Thermal Paper Roll Suppliers in Dubai, all UAE

Thermal paper roll is a special fine paper that is coated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to heat. It is used in lightweight devices such POS, ATM, cash registers and credit card terminals.

Our collection includes thermal paper rolls that are designed to accommodate a wide range of printers and calculators. We are the dealers of wide collection of paper rolls that are available to you in the sizes, quantities, and quality you need. We offer coreless thermal paper rolls as we are certain it will offer bigger cost savings as well as value for our customers. ID Vision is one of the leaders in the thermal paper industry in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and Africa, offers a great range of choice for different products at highly affordable prices.