Feitan Mobile Smart Card Readers

Strong authentication solutions are offered by FEITIAN to meet a variety of needs, including those in the financial, healthcare, government, corporate, and payment sectors. With a robust and knowledgeable R&D staff at its disposal, FEITIAN can easily integrate new technology at a reasonable price while responding rapidly to market demands and industry trends.

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Authentication and smart card based security solution

Readers for contact smart cards demand that the user manually insert the card into the device. For applications that need extra security, such as government IDs, e-commerce transactions, university IDs, network security, vending, meal plans, loyalty, electronic cash, and health care cards, to mention a few, this application is most frequently utilized. ID Vision is leading supplier of genuine iOS and Andriod smart card reading devices in Dubai, UAE and Middle East.



Making IOT Talk Payments

FEITIAN iOS Security Key

iOS Security Key

Lightning Connector and MFi Certified


OTP Display Card

Secure & Easy-to-carry OTP Token

FEITIAN OTP Display Card

QR Code OTP Token

PSD2 Compliant

FEITIAN Payment Terminal

Payment Terminal

Feitian F20 FP is a smart mobile POS product with PCI PTS5.1 certification. It has a stylish and smart design. Connect with smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth interface, you can easily and quickly complete the payment process. It can achieve payment progress anytime anywhere which provides end users with a new experience of payment.


FIDO Security Key

FIDO U2F certified security key. USB interface works without any drivers in Windows, Linux, Mac OS with Chrome, Firefox, etc. NFC and Bluetooth interface works for mobile phones, and NFC also works with contactless readers. iOS users need a special method to pair their keys, please check the user's manual by scanning the QR code on the back of the product's package.

FEITIAN Power Card & Display Card

Power Card & Display Card

By embedding the world leading fingerprint module, the fingerprint card can provide the user a high rank secured experience within a blink of the time. Once registered, user's fingerprint data will be securely stored and matched inside the fingerprint card. It will not reveal to any person or software about the user's sensitive biometric data.

FEITIAN OTP Authentication

OTP Authentication

With FEITIAN QR code OTP token, there is no need for the user to manually input the long transaction data (such as account number, transaction amount), all the data will be displayed on the token screen by simply scanning the QR code from the online banking page, and then signed with an One Time Password which is dynamically linked with the transaction data.

FEITIAN PKI Identification

PKI Identification

FEITIAN Bluetooth token supports BLE 4.0 which has high cost-effective, high compatibility, easy to deploy and lower power consumption. By switching backpacks, the token can easily change between Audio Jack interface and Bluetooth interface to provide the maximum flexibility and scalability. Besides the backpacks, we also offer Bluetooth PKI token with integrated design, the ideal choice for customers who want support both PC and mobile devices in one time.

FEITIAN Smart Card & Reader

Smart Card & Reader

With the compact design, the BLE reader could be hung on the neck easily as an employee badge. The market first CCID bluetooth driver on Windows, enabling you BLE reader work with PC wirelessly. With these certifications, FEITIAN Smart Card Reader tops by both functionality and performance. We offer complete customization options for casing, packaging and related service to enable the ability of creating your very own Smart Card Reader.

FEITIAN BlockChain


JuBiter Blade is a slim, simple and extremely secure hardware wallet. It is designed in purpose of offering extreme security for crypto holders to manage their crypto assets. From the very beginning hardware structure, circuit design till code and UI operations, JuBiter Blade considers securtiy as the top priority in every step of development. JuBiter enables Bluetooth connections, users can easily enjoy safe crypto transaction anywhere, anytime with JuBiter Wallet mobile app.

FEITIAN Software Protection

Software Protection

The License Manager is a license management platform with easy-to-use at the core. Even developers who have no experience in license management can quickly grasp the use of it. Its design of hardware provides complete protection mechanism and high level of integration, which is remarkable comparing to usual MCU chip.

An Introduction to FEITIAN Fingerprint Card Series

By introducing a fingerprint sensor to card, FEITIAN has made a big change to the industries of bank, identity, transportation and others.

Secure your accounts with Google Advanced Protection

Introduction about how FEITIAN Security Keys works with Google advanced protection.

FIDO Compatible Services

List of services that support FIDO authentication where FEITIAN FIDO Security Keys are usable.

Digital Banking Payment Solution

Digitize your bank with FEITIAN agile and flexible solutions

New Retail Payment Solution

Higher management efficiency, better customer experience

Food & Beverage Payment Solution

Upgrade your customer experience with a good understanding of what they really need

IDVision provides a range of Feitian authentication and smart-card-based security solutions to help businesses and individuals protect sensitive information and enhance their security.

Feitian authentication solutions include smart card readers, dongles, and mobile sleeves that allow for convenient and secure access to smart card information. These solutions support various smart card standards such as ISO 7816, EMV, and PIV, and are designed to be easy to use and install.

In addition to smart card readers, IDVision also offers Feitian digital signature solutions that allow for secure signing and verification of documents and transactions and blue tooth card readers. Feitian digital signature solutions use advanced encryption algorithms to ensure the integrity and authenticity of signed documents and transactions.

IDVision’s Feitian authentication and smart-card-based security solutions are designed with security in mind. They use secure protocols and encryption algorithms such as DES, 3DES, AES, and RSA to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

We also supply a range of other innovative solutions for identity verification and authentication, such as facial recognition technology and biometric authentication solutions. These solutions can help businesses and individuals to enhance their security and streamline their processes.

If you need a reliable and efficient authentication and smart-card-based security solution, look no further than IDVision’s Feitian solutions. They are the perfect tools for businesses and individuals who need to protect sensitive information and ensure the security of their transactions and documents.