RFIDeas Smart card readers

Identification & Logon Readers for All Door Access Cards

RF IDeas designs, develops, and manufactures a complete line of pcProx® card readers that support nearly every proximity and contactless smart card in use worldwide. RF IDeas readers come in many form factors and are used in numerous applications and OEM solutions including: attendance management, multi-function printers, mobile, physical access, manufacturing, dispensing, kiosks, point-of-sale and computer logon. In addition to pcProx readers, RF IDeas also offers magnetic stripe card readers, Wiegand Converters, and Software Developer Kits.



pcProx Plus BLE
pcProx Plus

Choose from wide range of RFID readers

pcProx® Plus Dual-frequency card reader for identification and enrollment (reads nearly all card types)

pcProx® Plus BLE Dual-frequency card reader with Bluetooth® low energy technology

pcProx® Plus SP Proximity & contactless smart card reader for identification, authentication and access

pcProx® Read-only readers for identification & enrollment of proximity or contactless smart cards.

pcProx® Playback Configurable device for reading user data from the memory of contactless smart cards.

pcProx® Writer Reader/Writer for NXP MIFARE & HID™ iCLASS™ Smart Cards pcSwipe™ Enroll

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Biometric Readers for Greater Security and Simplicity

Make compliance easier and do away with the requirement for users to remember numerous usernames and passwords. With just a tap of an employee badge, RFIDeas WAVE ID® readers offer single sign-on security to boost output, stop password theft, and set up suitable access controls.

In today’s digital age, security and convenience go hand in hand. Whether you’re an individual looking to safeguard your personal information or a business aiming to protect sensitive data, smart card readers have become an indispensable tool in Dubai and the UAE.

Benefits of RFIDeas Smart Card Readers:

  1. Enhanced Security:

In an era where data breaches are a significant concern, smart card readers offer a robust solution for protecting sensitive information. They require a unique PIN or biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or retina scanning, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the data.

  1. Contactless Access Control:

Smart card readers can be integrated into access control systems, allowing employees or residents in Dubai and the UAE to gain entry to secured areas by simply tapping or waving their smart cards. This contactless feature not only enhances security but also reduces physical contact, an important consideration in a post-pandemic world.

  1. Multi-Purpose Functionality:

Smart cards can store various types of data, from identification information to financial data and access credentials. This versatility makes them valuable for both personal and professional use, streamlining various tasks in a single card.

  1. Efficient Time and Attendance Management:

Businesses in Dubai and the UAE can use smart card readers for tracking employee attendance and managing work hours accurately. This ensures that employees are compensated correctly and assists in overall workforce management.


Smart card readers are more than just security devices; they are enablers of convenience, efficiency, and compliance for individuals and businesses in Dubai and the UAE. With their diverse applications and enhanced security measures, they are becoming an essential part of the digital landscape in this region.

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If you’re interested in exploring the world of RFIDeas Wave ID smart card readers for your specific needs in Dubai and the UAE, don’t hesitate to reach out to reputable vendors and service providers in the region. They can help you select the right solution that best aligns with your requirements and goals. Invest in smart card readers today and experience the seamless fusion of security and convenience in your daily operations.