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Here are three main types of EAS pedestal systems, each with their own benefits:

RF pedestals

Radio Frequency (FR) systems are very popular and are used in over 50% of retail stores. They offer very good performance and there are lots of different styles of tags that work with them. Prices will depend on the required specification but RF security systems are generally the most affordable.

AM pedestals

Used in around 35% of stores, Acousto-Magnetic (AM) pedestals are generally more expensive than RF ones. However, they offer slightly better performance and aesthetics. They’re also very robust and reliable.

Loop systems

Loop systems offer the ultimate discretion as they are concealed within the door. They are the most expensive option and are most popular with high end boutiques and department stores. We provide both AM and RF loop systems.

Contact ID VISION and we can advise you on the best type of system based on your environment and budget.

RF Labels

RF paper tags & labels with optimized circuit design are available in variable types & sizes that can be printed with price, inventory, and promotional data with barcode label printers, and securely applied on pre-packed products.

  • EAS-RF paper labels
  • Frequency: 8.2 MHz
  • Optimized circuit design
  • Tested for detection/ deactivation
  • Compatible for all RF systems
  • Colors: White (blank)
  • Sizes: 40 x 40mm, 20 x 65m
  • Quantity per roll: 1,000pcs


  • Apparel
  • Books & DVD
RF labels
RF labels antitheft tag

AM Labels

AM strip labels are available in sheets and rolls to accommodate retailers with source-tagging and other in-store product protection requirements. AM labels are ideal for securing small items.

  • EAS-AM plastic labels
  • Frequency: 58 KHz
  • Optimized circuit design
  • Tested for detection/ deactivation
  • Compatible with all AM systems
  • Colors: White (blank)
  • Sizes: 45 x 10.8mm
  • Quantity per sheet/ case: 108pcs/ 5,000pcs


  • Cosmetics & perfumes
  • Source Tagging
AM labels EAS system
AM-labels for antishop lifting

Hard Tags

Variety of hard, plastic tags (re-usable) are available suitable for your merchandise. These tags (commonly attached to most apparel) are armed with an almost impossible to defeat locking mechanism. Choose from a variety of hard tags suitable for apparel, bags, shoes, cosmetics etc.

  • EAS (RF/AM) hard tags (with pin)
  • Frequency: 8.2 MHz / 58 KHz
  • Tamperproof (with pin lock)
  • Tough, secure & reusable
  • Tested for detection
  • Compatible with all RF or AM systems
  • Color: Black or white (gray)
  • Type: mini-square, cone, pencil
  • Quantity per case: 1,000 tags


  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
hard tag for EAS

Our detection systems offer visible or discreet coverage and come in a variety of designs to match your store’s requirements, to help you find the perfect anti-theft solution for your business. ID Vision is Authorized Dealer of Anti theft systems in Dubai, Antitheft antennasAM/RF Security TagsAM/RF LabelsRFID lablesInk TagsAnti shoplifting solution, EAS AntennaSecurity Tag Deactivators and Eas Detection System. For best offers on EAS System – AM / RF EAS antennastagslabelstag detachers. Our Anti- thief security system (EAS) helps you to reduce your inventory shrinkage. Helps in Retail Loss Prevention. We help retail stores secure and display their merchandise regardless of what it is.

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