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How Biometric Systems Help Eliminate Timesheet Fraud and Ensure Greater HR and Payroll Efficiencies When Choosing the Best Time and Attendance System.

We are the solution providers based in Dubai who provide services in Dubai, UAE, Middle East & Africa. We provide  high quality and reliable time and attendanceAccess control solution to the Middle East and Africa.

  • We are One of the leading Time Attendance suppliers in Dubai, UAE
  • Enterprise level Time attendance Access control software provider
  • More than 15+ years of combined experience, so guaranteed best Customer Service
  • Track your workforce in real time – anywhere and everywhere.


time and attendance system provides many benefits to organizations. It enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hours. It helps control labor costs by reducing over-payments, which are often caused by transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error. Manual procedures, as well as the staff required to manage them, are also eliminated. Reduce the time and money you spend keeping track of attendance. Compliance with labor standards might be difficult, but a time and attendance system is critical for assuring compliance with labor laws that require verification of present.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Your data can be easily copied and pasted to other applications
  • Hugely reduces time spent managing staff attendance
  • While recording attendance on paper, it eliminates paperwork and the possibility of making mistakes.
  • Secure SSL certificate for your peace of mind
  • Records are kept safe and confidential
  • Current and previous years’ records are available in an instant
  • Configurable, multi-level, management approval system
  • Individual leave summaries for the year are easily accessible to users.
  • Our solution enables onsite check-in/out, manage employee schedule and track overtime
  • Our biometric solutions assures to give access only to the authorized people by verifying their registered fingerprint templates stored in the system
  • We are leading distributor of complete range of Time Attendance solutions in Dubai

The future of security… so far, Biometric Time Attendance the way to go

As of the year 2022, the most secure method of learning somebody’s personality includes the utilization of biometrics – actual markers like fingerprints, facial acknowledgment, retinal outputs, palm sacn and voice acknowledgment and conduct identifiers like gadget area, how a gadget is held, finger development and motions.

Unrivaled Technical Support for Time Attendance System Dubai

At ID Vision Dubai, we ensure a high level of satisfaction among our customers by providing them with after-sales support that is unrivalled in our industry for all biometric time attendance system machines. Our technical support team is highly-trained, responsive and always ready to go the extra mile to assist customers with any product issues they may face. We provide a quality range of Time Attendance Systems in Dubai, to suit every business and budget, from small business to national enterprises. ID Vision has consistently been enthusiastic about providing brilliant items and administrations at the best cost to the customers and affiliates. Giving Ready loads of different items and pre deals and post-deals support have been vital to our prosperity. Our proposal will include all costs associated with implementing a new time and participation programming framework, including the scheduling of your employees and the creation of your participation regulations. There are no surprises or hidden extras. We supply massive and high-quality biometric time participation machines and RFID card readers with top-notch assistance, including Proximity, HID, Mifare, and PIN access entryway access security framework.

Regardless of which solution you choose, we’ll work with you to ensure that the hardware and your employee timesheet software operate together seamlessly.

Eliminate paper work and automate the entire process with our best in class biometric machine. One name for most reliable Attendance machines, Biometric machine and Time and Attendance System Dubai that’s ID Vision.


Facial Recognition Time Attendance Machine – Face is the new ID

We manage smart and secure, this facial acknowledgment time participation machines like BioSecure that eliminates the requirement for any snaps, logins or ID cards. It will require just seconds for any worker to enroll participation.

The data is then sent to your systems, which generates easy-to-read reports that make keeping track of attendance and timekeeping a breeze.

Accurately identifying each individual employee, face readers are a great way to tackle the problem of time theft and buddy punching, as well as helping you manage attendance data. Browse our selection of time attendance biometric solutions featuring this innovative technology and find the solution that best fits your business needs.

Iris Recognition Time Attendance (Eye Scanner Biometric)Iris Capture Time Attendance

Iris scanning biometrics measure the unique patterns in the colored circle of your eye to verify and authenticate your identity.

Suitable for organizations of all sizes, Android-based IrisID platform accommodates hundreds of current time and attendance applications as well as new apps to be developed by solution providers and software developers.

The stability of the iris as an internal and protected, yet outwardly visible organ of the eye is a fundamental advantage of iris recognition, aside from its rapidity of matching and strong resistance to false matches.

IrisID eye scanning time attendance system is designed as a time clock for the modern workforce

Browse our iris id access control solutions here.

Every organization needs Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control solutions

  • Provide a safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors.
    Protect people, facilities, networks and assets with comprehensive access control systems.
  • Identify who is in my building.
    Know who is in your facility, manage their level of access and meet regulatory compliance objectives.
  • Control access to highly secure areas.
    Solutions designed to protect your facilities requiring higher security, sensitive data, networks and critical or high value assets.
  • Manage access to commercial fleet fueling stations
    RFID enabled fueling automation system to monitor and control commercial fleet fuel access, cost, and billing

Browse more biometric products on our website and for more product details related to the time attendance system in Dubai, contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Look for features like biometric recognition (fingerprint, facial recognition, palm or iris), RFID card support, cloud-based management, mobile app integration, and customizable reporting to ensure seamless tracking of employee attendance.

Implementing a time attendance system in Dubai can streamline attendance tracking, reduce errors in payroll processing, improve employee punctuality, enhance security, and ensure compliance with labor regulations, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

Yes, it’s crucial to select a time attendance system that complies with the labor regulations and cultural norms specific to Dubai. Ensure the system adheres to UAE’s data protection laws and integrates features necessary for managing employee attendance in accordance with local working environment.

With Id Vision we will make sure you get complete peace of mind with our authentic biometric systems. We are the one-stop authorised shop for top-notch time attendance systems Dubai and all UAE, Middle East and Africa.

The price of a time attendance machine can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of technology used: Fingerprint scanners are typically the most affordable option, followed by facial recognition and then iris recognition.
  • The number of features: More advanced features, such as the ability to track employee location or access control, will add to the cost.
  • The brand and model: Some brands are known for being more expensive than others.

With that said, you can expect to find affordable time attendance machines in Dubai for as low as AED 200 (US$55). However, if you need a more advanced machine with more features, you could be looking at spending closer to AED 1,000 (US$275) or more.

Unique biological traits like fingerprints, faces, or irises are used by biometric attendance systems in Dubai to reliably and securely track employee present. Although they provide advantages such as fewer hours theft and increased productivity, they necessitate stringent adherence to data privacy regulations, such as the Dubai Data privacy Law. This means that in order to gather data, store it securely, and respect each person’s right to access and update their information, companies must obtain express consent.

Best time attendance system for small business or  large ones. Choose from the ID Vision’s comprehensive range of time and attendance systems below for an affordable price

Top 5 time attendance systems are:


  1. ZKTeco TF1700 fingerprint system
  2. Anviz C2 Pro Fingerprint & Card Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal
  3. Iris ID iT100 – Iris & Face Recognition Attendance System
  4. Idemia Sigma Lite Series
  5. Idemia SIGMA Extreme