Euronovate Signature Pads

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Euronovate is an innovative Swiss company, with international presence, specialized in Business Digital Transformation Solutions, through unique one-stop-shop approach: digital strategy; legal support; process consulting; design, development, production of specialized hardware; design, development of proprietary software platform and e-document cloud services.


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Euronovate’s main focus is to help every kind of company to go fully digital transforming their paper process (internal and external with customer and providers) into native digital process ensuring same legal validity through the most secure and best in class e-signature: handwritten biometric e-signature.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Lugano (CH), Euronovate SA (“Euronovate” or the “Company”) is a leading provider of biometric signature solutions. Euronovate was founded by one of the greatest experts of digitalization in the banking industry.

Electronic signature capture is a technology for signing electronic document files with a handwritten signature. The use of this technology allows for the complete elimination of the mailing, filing, copying, storage and retrieval of paper documents. This saves time and money.

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